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Go To War Against Fear & Doubt!

Book CoverThis is a true story about a child who saw himself as a below average person. He cried himself to sleep each night, because he thought he was stupid, uncoordinated, and unpopular. His life was filled with fear and self-doubt. Surprisingly, every time he tried new things, he discovered he had hidden talents that surfaced. The would be disasters and challenges turned into skill builders, and a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it.

Pursuing this rainbow, he came to the conclusion that most of his fears were imaginary. When he educated himself he discovered valuable assets to be mastered. Eventually, his goals became reality. His thoughts became self-fulfilling prophecies, and understood that the things he heard and the people he met on a daily bases were sent to help him accomplish anything he wanted. Happiness and health became a choice.

This is a story spanning 66 years, giving voice to how he was able to accomplish the thing he dreamed most about: a successful career in photography. Suddenly, after 50 years on top of the world, the era of digital technology emerged. He woke up from his pleasant dream, and discovered his cherished career was over.

He had a choice to either reinvent himself with the principles he learned on his life's journey, or fade away to feel sorry for himself. He took the principles that worked earlier in his life and used them to forge a new career - culminating with the first touchstone - this book. Yes, his magic formula has worked again.

This book is targeted to people, young and old, who are stuck on a stepping stone. It is targeted to those who want to create a positive change in their life. The stories in this telling are real; they are illustrations of seeing life's events as positive lessons, and realizing that everything that happens is ultimately for the good. This story will add the magical ingredient to those who have given up faith and hope in themselves, and will help them realize how special and unique they are.

Gary was a teacher in the Detroit public elementary school system and in 1970 was voted My Favorite Teacher by his students. He was a professional photographer for over 50 years. His clients have flown him all over the USA and Mexico to create multimedia Love Stories to reveal the unique love and relationship shared by the couple or family. Gary has spoken nationally for Kodak, the Professional Photographers of America, and Wedding Photographers International. He was the president of his local Toastmasters group. He is the author of a motivational series "New Frontiers of Creating Change and Wealth." Gary also had a successful national column in Rangefinder Magazine. He has spoken throughout the United States at many National Photographic Conventions, and has been interviewed in many newspapers and on many TV shows. He is a sales trainer extraordinaire and a motivational speaker. (Gary even tried his hand at comedy in a local clubs!)

Gary's' book will help elevate you to heights in your life that you never dreamed were possible. Gary is as close as your phone and is available to navigate you or your group through his principles of success for creating happiness, wealth, and contentment through the choices made every day. You can have an ordinary life or an extra-ordinary life!
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