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Each unfilled life is a tragedy!
Each unfilled life is a tragedy!Apr 13, 2013
To have lived a life time without stretching yourself to be the best you can be is sad. It is your duty to develop yourselves by tasting as many different interests as possible. G-d has planted many special talents inside of you and it is your job to try and discover the unbelievable things you never knew you could do. When you run away from learning something new you cause yourself to fall short of your potential. Just think of all the rewards and satisfaction that you could have enjoyed by just reaching out a little further. Every time you are ready to move away from something because you initially fear trying it, think of it as a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it and not a scary boogeyman. You will soon discover with a just little effort that the thing you originally feared turned out to be something you enjoyed the most and helped advance you to the next level. Most every fear is purely imaginary and is just a signal from above that you should strengthen that weakness. Just by turning and facing most fears is enough to make them start to fade away and with just a little extra knowledge on the subject the fear begins to disappear and the enjoyment of something new begins. What great things would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Why be sorry you never went out of your comfort zone in your limited allotted time on this planet. Why be sorry that you settled for far less and you could have experienced and could have enjoyed far more. How high does an oak tree grow? It grows as tall as it can. Are you not more special than an oak tree?

Everything in time becomes richer
Everything in time becomes richerApr 13, 2013
A fine wine becomes richer and tastier over a long period of ripening; so do great cigars, cheese, meat, and great alcohol. People also become richer with the passing of time and the accumulation of life experiences. Just for the fact that a person has lived on this Earth longer makes him wiser for over the long haul he was able to see the big picture. He was around long enough to see things go through their cycles. He was able to look back and understand how many of the things that once seemed negative in his life, some how worked themselves into being a positive learning experiences, for the betterment of his Life. Our parents, grandparents, and elders should be respected more because they have witnessed history and saw how reckless the youth of this generation are because they think they thought they know better than the last generation and never stopped to take advantage of learning from mistakes of the past. The youth of today need to learn to embrace the masters of yesterday and let them share their life story with them so they do not have to repeat the same silly mistakes. I believe that a dumb old person is much smarter than a perceived to be brilliant young person. I believe that we are in a society that throws away its most valuable commodity, our elderly and most experienced people.

Next time you want help in making an important life decision, look for a person who has been there and done that. Call up and take an expert to lunch or dinner. It will be the best investment you ever made.

Everything is a Choice.
Everything is a Choice.Mar 31, 2013
I found my life to be exactly how I believed it would be each and every day. It seemed to work out exactly how I pictured it in my mind. If I felt it was going to be a great day or I knew it was going to be a bad day, I always seemed to be right. It seems that the thing I always worried about and held in my mind always claimed me as its next victim. I never had a reality that was different from the beliefs I held trapped in my own mind. My life never made a liar out of what I believed in my own mind. It reveled to then world who I really believed I was in my inner most thoughts.

Just as a sculpture takes a block of stone and turns it into that which he pictured in his imagination; I too took each raw day and forge the happenings and realities I believed possible in my mind. Since everything I thought about was up to my own choosing I had to start each and every day filling it with the special selected reading material, I chose to travel with through that day. What great things would you like to think about today? What mighty goals do you want to begin accomplishing today? The choice is only up to you. Everything is your choice.

Did you turn off your kill switch?
Did you turn off your kill switch?Mar 19, 2013
Whatever you believe to be true in your mind always becomes your reality. It seems that your outside life is always in harmony with your belief system. Whatever you believe is going to happen to you in your life usually does. Moreover, you can only reach the level of success, money, and happiness that you believe you deserve.Your day is greatly influenced by the ideas, reading materials, and thoughts you begin it with.It is your job to choose the material you wish to fill your mind with each and every day. Every person you meet and everything you hear is there to help take you where ever you want to go with your life. The only way you can recognize these help mates is through your goals. Everything in your life comes from your choices. Happiness, success, and good health is a choice. Results come about in the abundance of how much you feel you deserve. Winning does not go to the smartest person but the most focused and persistent one. What great things would you attempt if you knew you couldn't fail? Turn off your kill switch and start your engine and make your all your dreams come true.

Magic Words
Magic WordsMar 01, 2013
Over twenty eight years ago while going through my midlife crisis I stumbled across an author whose words shook my body stronger than anything I had ever read before. Every year I would return to the words of James Allen and seemly they would speak to me different every time I read them. Looking back In saw that these words became the major pillars of truth for me to turn to when I felt weak and needed a sledge hammer to break down the barriers of fear that were holding me back. Let me share some of these thoughts with you.

All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts. In a justly ordered universe, where loss of equilibrium would mean total destruction, individual responsibility must be absolute. Your weakness and strength, your purity and impurity, are your own, and not anyone else's; they are brought about by yourself, and not by another; and they can be altered by yourself, never by anyone else. Your condition is your own, and not anyone else's. Your suffering and your happiness are evolved from within. As you think so you are;, so you remain.

Stronger people cannot help the weaker unless the weaker are willing to be helped, and even then the weaker must become strong of themselves; they must, by their own efforts, develop the strength which they admire in others. Only we can alter our conditions.

We can only rise, conquer, and achieve, by lifting up our thoughts. We can only remain weak and abject, and miserable by refusing to lift up our thoughts... Not having commenced to effectively control our thoughts, we are not in a position to control affairs and to adopt serious responsibilities. We are not fit to act independently and stand alone. But we are limited by the thoughts we choose.

Whenever I blamed someone or something else for the pitiful place I was in open my little paperback book used these words to place the blame of my blackness on the correct thing and it was my own poor choice of thoughts. Who or what would you like to blame for the place you are living in today? You must make the choice to become the master of your own destiny by taking control of what goes into your mind.

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